Student Travel Award – Applications due May 14, 2018

The Chemical Society of Washington is pleased to announce a student travel award to defray travel and/or registration costs to the National ACS meeting in Boston this Fall (August 19-23, 2018). Eligible expenses include meeting registration and travel expenses, such as airfare and lodging. Applicants should submit the following by Midnight, May 14, 2018, to CSW (email: [email protected]):

1. A cover letter stating how and why attending this ACS meeting will promote his/her career;
2. The applicant’s CV;
3. A letter of recommendation from the student’s mentor explaining why the student deserves the award and how this will help his/her professional development;
4. An accepted abstract with proof of acceptance.

Within three weeks of returning from the ACS meeting, the awardees should submit receipts to the CSW Treasurer (c/o [email protected]) for any or all of the eligible expenses described above, after which the Treasurer of the Chemical Society of Washington will issue a check to each of the awardees. After returning from the conference, awardees will be asked to present their posters at one of the up-coming CSW dinner meetings.

The award is not intended for postdoctoral fellows. There will be a maximum of 4 awards, at $500 each. Award of this stipend will be based on the review of the above materials. The award is open to students who are current members of the Chemical Society of Washington or are enrolled in a degree program at a university within the CSW jurisdiction.

Photo credit: Boston Public Library / CC BY 2.0