CSW presents several awards annually, including the Hillebrand, Gordon, and Schubert Awards.

William F. Hillebrand Prize

The annual Hillebrand Prize of the Chemical Society of Washington (CSW), awarded for original contributions to the science of chemistry by member(s) of CSW, is named for William F. Hillebrand (1853-1925), one of Washington’s most distinguished chemists. Hillebrand achieved such stature during his career in Washington, first with the Geological Survey and then with the Bureau of Standards, that his colleagues referred to him as the “Supreme Court of Chemistry.”

Charles L. Gordon Memorial Award

Named after Charles Gordon for his years of service as managing editor of the Capital Chemist, the Charles L. Gordon Memorial Award is given in recognition of exemplary service by a CSW member to the profession of chemistry, to the science of chemistry, and/or to the Chemical Society of Washington.

Leo Schubert Memorial Award

The Leo Schubert Memorial Award recognizes an outstanding teacher of high school chemistry in the Washington, D.C. area. The award was established in 1979 to honor Dr. Leo Schubert, a chemistry professor at American University who devoted much of his career to developing programs for high school teachers and students.


Additional Awards

CSW Chemical Ambassadors Award

College Chemistry Achievement Awards