Job Posting: STEM Instructor for Elementary Age Children (K-6)

The Transformational Education Adventure Center (also known as the TEA Center) in McLean, VA is seeking to hire an individual with a science background who can instruct ~10 children, aged kindergarten through 6th grade, each week for 2 hours.  The instruction will focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  This includes hands-on chemistry/physics experiments, computer coding for children, and Lego engineering.  All necessary resources are already available on-site, or can be provided at the STEM Instructor’s request.  A Bachelor’s degree in any area of STEM is desired, but not required.  A mandatory background check will be required for employment.  Opportunity for immediate employment, pending background check approval.  Hourly wage ranges from $25-$35/hr, and will be commensurate with experience.  Please send inquiries to Ms. Mayosha Mendis ([email protected]) or Dr. Darryl Boyd ([email protected]), or call 571-488-0086 and ask for Ms. Mayosha Mendis.