Quantum Computing: The Foundations for the Next Digital Era – April 4, 2019

Topic: Quantum Computing: The Foundations for the Next Digital Era

Date: April 4, 2019 (Thursday)

Speaker: Dr. Elena Yndurain of IBM

Time: 6:30 PM for networking (Talk begins 7:00 PM)

Place: 4450 Wisconsin Ave. NW (Tenley-Friendship Library),
             Upstairs Meeting Room, Washington, DC

Live streaming: Available. Must register.

Registration: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/194625

Abstract: Quantum computing leverages the basic principles of quantum physics to store and process information in a manner fundamentally different from classical computers to achieve exponential improvements in computational power. Quantum computers will enable us to unlock challenging problems that today can only be solved through approximations. They will transform our current digital world by changing our approach to algorithms; industry value chains; and shake underlying technologies. In this talk, we will discuss what quantum computing is, the potential benefits it can bring, define its key foundational concepts, review where we are today, and how to get started in the quantum journey.

We will also cover IBM Q: IBM’s quantum computer and ecosystem to drive quantum computing adoption.

Speaker Bio: Elena Yndurain is a seasoned executive experienced in launching digital products based on emerging technologies in high tech and consulting companies (Ernst & Young, Oliver Wyman, Nokia, Microsoft, and IBM). She currently works at IBM Q’s team advising companies on how to get ready for Quantum Computing, exploring potential use cases, develop their strategy, and drive the new technology adoption combining research with business value. Elena holds a Ph.D. in Telematics Engineering from Universidad Carlos III, a double major in mathematics and computer science from the University of Michigan, an executive MBA from IE Business School and a professional certificate in Quantum Computing from MIT.