CSW-WCC at the STEM Innovation Spark Her Conference 2019

On May 18, 2019, CSW’s Women’s Chemist Committee performed two chemistry demonstrations with middle school girls in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The event was sponsored by STEMisHER, it included mathematics, robotics computer science, and medicine. STEMisHER is a conference which brings women leaders in STEM and middle-school girls together to provide the girls with hands-on tabletop exercises and experiments. The purpose of the conference is two-fold, 1) provide data regarding the state of girls and women in STEM and 2) to provide the girls with   role models. CSW’s LaKesha Perry discussed and provided an overview on the chemical properties of concrete and assisted the girls in making concrete charms. CSW’s Allison Aldridge discussed chemiluminescence and its properties and helped the girls perform a chemiluminescence reaction. The girls also received glow sticks as take-home gifts.