Marvelous Metals webinar will take place on October 22, 2019

Chemical Society of Washington and Montgomery College, Chemistry Department will be hosting the ACS Program-In-A-Box live interactive global webinar on “Marvelous Metals” on Tuesday, October 22, between the hours of 6:30-8:00 pm in SW 301, Rockville Campus. This event will be held during the National Chemistry Week in celebration of this year’s theme.

“Discover how chemists are developing new technologies using metals at the intersection of organic and inorganic chemistry. From innovations in medical imaging and theranostics to fundamental changes to the way we create everyday necessities like clothing, food, and energy, these scientists will demonstrate how we can harness the power of our ‘marvelous metals.’”

CSW members are invited and welcome to attend. To help with parking permission on campus, anyone who plans to attend the webinar, needs to contact Nevart Tahmazian at [email protected], no later than Tuesday, Oct. 15, to receive a parking permit and avoid getting a ticket.

Otherwise, a visitor parking should be obtained the day of the event from the campus security (can be a nuisance).