Applications available for the 26th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) High School Teacher Travel Grant!

The Chemical Society of Washington is pleased to support travel expenses for two selected high school teachers to attend the BCCE Conference. The BCCE Conference provides chemistry educators with opportunities for interacting with colleagues at all levels in both formal and informal settings. Instructors who are new to chemistry education and those who have years of teaching experience will find this conference to be an excellent source of materials, techniques, and chemistry content. The goal of this award is to encourage the professional development of local high school teachers and enhance their chemistry instruction. CSW, in return, expects that the teachers present the lessons and new pedagogies learned and share them with colleagues upon returning from the conference. CSW highly encourages that the school nominate one high school teacher and send an application to CSW for consideration. If selected, the teacher would agree to give a presentation or conduct a workshop during a CSW dinner meeting event to share the new knowledge gained at the conference with peers from other schools within the CSW area. The teacher or the teacher’s academic institution is strongly encouraged to bring along two or three other science teachers to the presentation or to the workshop that will be held at the ACS headquarters in Washington, DC during fall 2020. (The exact date will be determined). The teacher will be an invited guest of CSW, and all other high school /middle school teacher attendees will be charged only at half the price of a regular attendee.

Download the application form here

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