Call for Nominations for CSW Officers/Councilors/Managers

The annual election of Officers, Councilors, and Managers of the Chemical Society of Washington will be held in November 2020 in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Section. All CSW Members are invited and encouraged to submit nominations for the open positions. Self-nomination is acceptable. Elected members have general charge of the business and affairs of the CSW. Managers and Alternate Councilors serve on the Board of Managers and are expected to serve on at least one of the CSW committees.  Councilors also serve on the Board of Managers and along with serving on CSW Committees they are expected to serve on ACS Committees and attend the Councilors Meetings held during the ACS National Meetings. 

Nominations should be submitted to the CSW Office no later than June 20, 2020. Nominations can either be mailed to the CSW office or by e-mail to the CSW administrator with the subject line of “CSW Nomination.” All CSW members are eligible for nomination, and CSW welcomes all who are willing to participate, including those who have not previously held positions in CSW. Incumbents are eligible for nomination to the same position (if the term expires) or any other position as Officer, Councilor, or Manager. Please note that all candidates will be provided with a form to fill out to prepare the ballot for publication in the Capital Chemist, on the CSW website and in the materials to be sent out.

The following positions are open for election this year:

 3 Councilors and 3 Alternate Councilors serving three-year terms
 Treasurer (serving a two-year term)
 President-Elect (one year as President-Elect, one year as President, one year as Past-President)
 6 Managers (serving two-year terms)

Current Officers:
President: Darryl Boyd; President-elect: Jennifer Tanir; Past President: Christopher W. Avery; Secretary: William Hickling Treasurer;: Wesley Farrell

Through 2020: John Malin; Sara Orski; Judith Faye Rubinson
Through 2021: Allison A. Aldridge; Kim Morehouse; Bradley A. Scates
Through 2022: Darryl Boyd; LaKesha N. Perry; Nevart Tahmazian

Alternate Councilors:
Through 2020: Novella N. Bridges; Monika I. Konaklieva; N. Bhushan Mandava
Through 2021: Daron Freedberg; Richard Goodman; Matthew A. Windsor
Through 2022: Joseph Antonucci; Christopher Avery; Jason Schaff

Through 2020: Joseph Duran; India James; Corina McClure; Bree Taylor; Emerald Wilson; Alexander G. Zestos
Through 2021: Regina Cody; Kristy Crews; Leila Duman; Felicia Fullilove; Xiaoyong Lu; Joan Walker


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