Volunteer Spotlight: Carissa Hunter

Carissa Hunter

Professional Experience: Academic and Student Affairs Coordinator, College of Science, George Mason University

Education: Ph.D. Student at George Mason University

Volunteer Activities: I have volunteered with the Committee of Minority Affairs for a year now. I have also volunteered with the Younger Chemist Committee. For the Committee on Minority Affairs, we have put on a panel with chemists from local universities as well as had a book review with an esteemed book author. My most favorite volunteer activity was getting to be the face for CSW at the Spooky Halloween Event, where I was able to show them how to make “snow” as well as being able to teach them about the ACS.

Why did you become a member of CSW? With working with the Younger Chemist Committee (YCC), I realized I wanted to get more involved with the ACS. An email was sent by CSW to join the Minority Affairs Committee and it piqued my interest as I am a double minority. I wanted to be able to be more of a voice for people alike. I also wanted to share the skills learned while working with the YCC with the Minority Affairs Committee. I am still really excited to see how far the Minority Affairs committee can grow and all the upcoming activities.