National Chemistry Week: Halloween and Mole Day Celebrations

By Dr. Ajay Mallia, Dr. Deana Jaber, and Dr. Joseph Houck, CSW YCC Committee

As part of National Chemistry week, the CSW Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) celebrated Mole Day and Halloween on October 23, 2014 at the University of Maryland, College Park. About 40 attendees enjoyed Halloween and National Chemistry Week-themed chemistry demonstrations presented by the UMD-ACS students affiliates (UMD-SAACS) and UMD graduate students.

Dr. Joseph Houck, (CSW YCC committee member) presented a team trivia competition, “What Do You Know About Candy and Chemistry?,” and prizes were given to the winning team members. A gift card for the best costume was awarded to Mr. Michael Mandler and Ms. Hannah Lebovics, undergraduates at UMD.

NCW pic 1

A candy collection drive was also organized for U.S. troops and the collected items were donated to Operation Gratitude.

The CSW YCC acknowledges the collaboration and support of UMD-SAACS and the CSW outreach activity committee for the success of this event.

NCW pic 2
Left photo: Dr. Joseph Houck conducting a trivia game. Right photo: best costume award winners Ms. Hannah Lebovics (left) and Mr. Michael Mandler (center) receiving their gift card from Dr. Joseph Houck (right).

NCW pic 3