Five Ways to Support CSW

The CSW was established as an organization in 1884 and is currently the local section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for the Washington, DC area serving approximately 4,000 members.  We are the fifth largest ACS local section, and serve a diverse and vibrant community.  Becoming active in CSW is a perfect way to build your network with other local chemists and chemical engineers, develop your leadership skills, reach out and connect with your community and build public awareness of how chemistry impacts our everyday lives.

With over 18 committees in need of volunteers, there is sure to be one that matches your expertise and interests. We also have a thriving Younger Chemists Committee as well as a Retired Chemist Group and are always looking for more ideas to expand and branch out. We often receive requests from local K-12 schools for volunteers as well as from ACS looking for volunteers or experts.

We continue to advance and grow but we cannot thrive without your help! Please let me share 5 ways that you can support your local section:

1 Join CSW!

The easiest way to support your local section is by joining CSW! And, when renewing your ACS membership, please consider renewing your Washington Local Section Dues. Your voluntary contribution is essential for maintaining CSW and helps to fund all of our events and programs.

2 Get Involved

There are many ways for you to share your enthusiasm for chemistry with others.

You can join a committee, take part in local science fairs and outreach activities, volunteer at some of our special programs like our National Chemistry Week or Chemists Celebrate Earth Day events or mentor future leaders by participating in Project SEED. These are just a few examples of the ways you can get involved and we are always looking for new ideas to engage with our members and the community.

3 Come to our Events

Over the year we host many events including dinner meetings, science cafes, and career development seminars. These are great opportunities to network with fellow members, learn something new or just get out and see what Washington has to offer. Please check our website for upcoming events.

4 Raise Awareness

Spread the word! Let others know about CSW and encourage them to consider joining. Share your knowledge and cultivate an appreciation for chemistry beyond CSW by engaging with the general public on chemistry related issues that are important to you and affect our daily lives.

5 Stay connected

Read the Capital Chemist, visit the CSW Website, Like us on Facebook or contact me personally. We are always eager to hear your questions, comments, and ideas. Together we can ensure that CSW remains a valuable resource and exemplary local section.