Workshop event: Chemistry & Engineering of Fossil Fuels

On May 18-19, the free workshop Chemistry and Engineering of Shale Gas and Tight Oil Resource Development will bring together members of industry, government, and academia to discuss the role of chemistry and chemical engineering at each stage of the hydraulic fracturing process—from formulation of the chemicals and fluids that enable hydraulic fracturing to development of methods to enhance resource recovery.

Four sessions will focus on each process stage:

  1. Evaluation and Injection/Introduction of Fluids: What drives the choice of given formulations?
  2. Under the Surface: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Underground
  3. Flowback and Resource Recovery
  4. Ecological and Environmental Considerations of the Injected and Produced Materials

Please register today to attend the workshop, which will take place at the National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, DC. For more information and the workshop agenda, please visit

Photo credit: brostad CC BY 2.0