CSW Member Featured on ABC 7 News Segment: Harris’ Heroes

From ABC7:

DAYTON, Md. (WJLA) — Students at a Maryland elementary school are giving up their recess to learn science. The “Chemistry Club” is held only once a month, but it’s already having an impact.

At Dayton Oaks Elementary School in Howard County, budding young chemists are getting instructions for their next experiment. They will test whether certain certain household products are acids or bases using red cabbage.

But this is not your average fourth grade science class. Patricia Takahara is a chemistry professor at Montgomery College in Rockville and a volunteer science coach with the American Chemical Society. Once a month, she comes to the school to do experiments with the students.

“This is a fun way to get kids involved, showing them that science isn’t just a book. Science is real. Science is something you touch,” said Takahara.

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Cover photo credit: ABC 7 News
Video credit: ABC 7 News

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