CSW Wins Two 2015 ChemLuminary Awards

At the 250th National Meeting in Boston, the Chemical Society of Washington won two ChemLuminary Awards for CSW’s outstanding work with young chemists in 2014. The ChemLuminary Awards, given by various bodies within ACS, are some of the highest awards ACS can bestow on local sections. They are given to sections who have shown leadership and the highest quality work. The awards are prestigious and highly competitive, and are proof that CSW’s work is among the best in the nation.

The two awards CSW won are described below:


Outstanding Local Section Younger Chemists Committee
In 2014, the CSW YCC successfully organized 7 events attracting over 700 attendees at all career stages, in particular students and young professionals. Events included outreach activities, thematic networking trivias, webinars, chemistry demonstrations, Halloween and a Mole Day celebration.

Outstanding Project SEED Program Award
CSW supported 20 SEED students who participated in a symposium and presented their research at two regional meetings. Two researchers were selected for publication in an ACS Journal and two students received SEED college scholarships.


For more information on the ChemLuminary winners, or to learn more about the ChemLuminary Awards, visit the ACS webpage.

Congratulations to CSW, the CSW YCC, and CSW’s Project SEED team!