Welcome Letter from the CSW 2021 President: Jennifer Tanir

Jennifer Tanir, PhD. 2021 CSW President

Happy New Year to CSW members in 2021!  

It’s the beginning of a new year. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing for the near future, we’ve all had to adapt our lifestyles, work situations, and plans for 2020-2021. That said, I think there are some positives to the impossible life situations that many of us are experiencing.

Technology (for better or worse) has allowed us to continue connecting with CSW and ACS through virtual meetings, conferences, and other online events.  When I ran for President-Elect of CSW in Fall 2019, using technology to expand participation across CSW members was one of my core initiatives, and the pandemic has accelerated our push to do just this. Check out our monthly virtual meetings and other opportunities at www.capitalchemist.org.  

For CSW, which spans a large area across the DC metro area and beyond, technology is allowing us to connect more easily like never before. And it offers us opportunities to hold events at different times of the day that may be more convenient to professionals, retirees, working parents, and students.  

Of course we hope to be able to meet in person again soon, but I envision more of a hybrid future (which I ironically proposed in Fall 2019), where we can in some cases meet in-person locally while at the same time connect with others virtually as it becomes the new norm, to reach more members of CSW.
A little about me – I’m a green chemist who has worked in industry, the nonprofit sector, and some consulting with a continued focus on safer chemicals and sustainability. I’ve been a CSW board member for about the last 10 years and thank those leaders who have come before me. I’ve also been a working mom who has also become a virtual homeschooler during the pandemic. Improving accessibility to more of our members was another of my 2019 President-Elect goals which still rings true. I also hope to have plenty of monthly speakers this year focused on issues related to green chemistry, sustainability, and climate change, which are critical issues today and for future generations.

Lastly, I welcome many new members to the CSW Board of Managers in 2021, which depends on its members and volunteers each year to run committees and other initiatives. The last of my initiatives is to mentor and empower younger CSW board members and other volunteers to lead the local section into the future. We are well poised to do just that during 2021. I welcome all CSW members to become more involved, through participating or leading committees, joining webinars and virtual meetings, outreach events, and other initiatives throughout 2021.  

I would love to hear from you, about your ideas for new initiatives to reach more CSW members, your interest in getting more involved with a committee or one of our initiatives, improving accessibility to CSW in the future, and connecting with you through our virtual or in-person events during 2021. Please reach out to me ([email protected]) with your suggestions, ideas, and desire to volunteer!
Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2021!

Jennifer Y. Tanir, PhD
2021 CSW President