Recording Available from April 21st CSW Monthly Meeting : “Leveraging Green Chemistry to Produce Sustainable Materials and Safer Products”

A recording is now available for the April 21, 2021, meeting featuring Martin Mulvihill presenting, “Leveraging Green Chemistry to Produce Sustainable Materials & Safer Products.”

Marty Mulvihill, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Safer Made

“Leveraging Green Chemistry to Produce Sustainable Materials & Safer Products”

Speaker Bio

Marty Mulvihill is the co-founder and a managing partner in Safer Made, a mission-driven venture capital fund investing companies and technologies that reduce human exposure to harmful chemicals. Safer Made invests in teams that bring safer products and technologies to market, tell a unique story, have the potential to change their sectors, and protect our health and natural world. Marty’s experience as a chemist showed him that safer product solutions already exist and need attention and capital to get to market.

Marty is also an advisor at the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, which he helped create and where he served as the initial Executive Director from 2010-2015. Marty’s has helped develop technologies that help provide access to clean drinking water and the creation of safer chemicals and materials based on biological feedstocks. He has developed safer chemicals and materials for the personal care, construction, electronics, and textile industries. Marty Mulvihill received his Ph.D. in 2009 from the University of California, Berkeley in Chemistry.


Safer Made’s mission is to help eliminate hazardous chemicals from consumer products and their supply chains. We believe this is a great time to be thinking about the ways we use chemicals and products to promote health without negatively impacting the natural world. The trend toward products and brands that embody principles of safety and sustainability will continue to grow. In the 5 years since we started Safer Made, we have seen the number and diversity of investor interested in safer consumer product grow significantly. We work with both consumer VC fund who are focusing more and more on health and wellness brands, as well as materials funds who are now taking a much closer look at CO2 and other sustainability metrics. This talk with explore how Green Chemistry innovations can address the need for safer and more sustainable materials in consumer products.  

There is no charge for this event but you must register.