3rd Annual Expanding Your Horizons STEM Outreach – 04/30/22 – Recording Available

This event is an outreach event hosted by the CSW Committee on Minority Affairs. There were two guest speakers who presented a day in the life experience for their respective careers. They also provided insight into what inspired them to pursue science, specifically careers in chemistry. This is followed by two chemistry demonstrations: 1) Making fake snow – Presented by Dr. Novella Bridges and 2) Paper Chromatography – Presented by Dr. Lee Nagao.  View the Chemistry demonstrations.

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: 6t$TM8Hf

0:00 – Introduction – LaKesha Perry 
2:00 – Dr. Pritha Roy – What inspired me to be a Chemist 
12:30 – Q/A with Dr. Roy 
16:30 – Dr. Kristy Crews – She’s a Chemist Too!
31:00 – Q/A with Dr. Crews 
39:30 – Dr. Novella Bridges – Fake Snow Experiment 
51:20 – Dr. Lee Nagao – Paper Chromatography Experiment  
1:08:00 – Closing – LaKesha Perry