Rockville Science Day 2024 – a huge success!

The Chemical Society of Washington (CSW) celebrated “Chemists Celebrate Earth Week”- CCEW 2024, during the annual Rockville Science Day event on Sunday, April 21, between noon to 5 pm, at Montgomery College, Rockville Campus.  The event was a huge success!  According to the Rockville Science Center Organization 3500 people attended this big event. CSW collaborated with the STEM ED Club at Montgomery College under the guidance and collaboration efforts of Nevart Tahmazian, CSW Outreach Committee Co-Chair/ACS Councilor and STEM ED Club Advisor/Professor at Montgomery College.

The theme this year for CCEW was “Get a Charge Out of Chemistry” and various activities and demos were held illustrating the theme. Kids and parents were invited to:

  • Build a battery out of lemons and potatoes
  • Observe electroplating in action and take home a copper-plated key
  • Participate in a human battery demo
  • Learn about electrical circuits with lights and buzzers

Our talented outreach team also inspired kids with the ACS’s self-inflating balloon activity and by demonstrating metal alloy chemistry in action by changing pennies into brass.

At the event CSW hosted a table with handouts to keep the excitement for chemistry going at home. Families were able to take home copies of “Celebrating Chemistry”, CCEW stickers, electricity themed temporary tattoos, and even home-made lemon battery themed buttons made by CSW president Lauren Ragle. We also talked with families about the CCEW Illustrated Poem contest.

Many thanks to our wonderful CSW volunteer team: Nevart Tahmazian (CSW Outreach Committee Co-Chair/ACS Councilor), Stephanie Moffitt (CSW Outreach Coordinator, CSW Outreach Committee, and CSW Councilor), Lauren Ragle (CSW president), Savanah Shumaker (CSW Manager-at-large), Evan Jahrman, Iman Ali Garmiani, Robert Andrews, Laura Anna, and Cherrie Ramos.  

Below you’ll find pictures of some of the activities held at this event. We hope you enjoy the pictures; they reflect the fun that was had by so many!