The Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference is Coming This July

By Christina Briddell, ACS Green Chemistry Institute

The 19th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference (GC&E), hosted by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute®, will be held July 14-16, 2015 at the North Bethesda Marriot, N. Bethesda MD. GC&E 2015 is happening in your backyard and we encourage you to take this opportunity to engage, network, and learn more about green chemistry and engineering alongside international and domestic experts in the field.

Call for papers and early registration are currently open. (You can view them at Call for papers will close March 13 and early registration will be open until May 29, 2015. The program session include themes around catalysis, designing safer chemicals, education, engineering, pharmaceuticals, sustainable products, feedstocks, functional and biobased materials, tools and metrics, energy, synthetic transformations, and biochemistry. In addition, the winners of this year’s (and past years) Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards will be presenting.


There will be a student workshop held on Monday, July 13, 2015 at the ACS building on 16th & M Street in DC. This workshop is designed to provide an integrated, fast-paced learning experience leading to a better understanding of the principles of green chemistry and engineering and lead by specialists. Students attending the conference can attend the workshop for free.

There are several opportunities for students to get registration, housing and travel reimbursed:

  • The NSF Student Travel Scholarship will reimburse travel and registration fees.
  • The Joseph Breen Memorial Award sponsors young, international green chemistry scholars to participate in an international green chemistry technical meeting, conference or training program. The student is awarded up to $2,000, based on estimated travel fees.
  • The Kenneth Hancock Memorial Award provides national recognition for outstanding student contributions to furthering the goals of green chemistry through research and/or studies. The recipient of the award receives $1000 plus travel and registration to the GC&E conference.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you will be asked to work four hours and you will receive access to the general conference proceedings for the rest of the day you volunteer. Assistance is needed in the following areas: On site conference registration, technical sessions, roundtable reception, hybrid meeting session, and more.


Also part of the conference this year is the only business plan competition exclusively devoted to green and sustainable chemistry and engineering. If you are forming an early stage company which is reimagining chemistry and innovating for a sustainable future, the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® encourages you to apply. Applications are due March 13, 2015 at 5:00 PM EST (GMT -4).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend this nearby conference!

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