Jennifer Young Tanir Receives the CSW 2015 Charles L. Gordon Award

The recipient of the 2015 Charles L. Gordon Award is Dr. Jennifer Young Tanir. The award is given in recognition of exemplary service by a CSW member to the profession of chemistry, chemists, and the Chemical Society of Washington. It is named after Charles Gordon for his years of service as managing editor of the Capital Chemist.

Dr. Tanir is currently employed by the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) in Washington, DC where she is a Scientific Program Manager.   At HESI, Jennifer manages multi-stakeholder collaborative projects on a variety of topics related to chemistry and toxicology. Her projects include developing guidance on chemical alternatives assessment for sustainability, applying advances in exposure science to risk assessment, and advancing genetic toxicology.

She was previously employed by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (2004-2011) where she was instrumental with running the annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference. She also managed technical programs focused on green chemistry information databases and standard development, awards and grants programs, educational materials, and training.

Jennifer has served as the CSW Secretary since 2014 and served as a Councilor from 2012-2014 and as a Manager from 2010-2011.  She has also been an Associate on the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement since 2013. As CSW Secretary she keeps the official Board records and provides excellent minutes of the meetings which also assist with the completion of the CSW annual report.  She led the process of hiring a new administrative assistant in 2015. She has been involved in several CSW committees, and was a founding member of the CSW Environmental and Sustainability Committee.  Her efforts on the annual report have been instrumental with CSW submitting for several ACS ChemLuminary Awards, of which CSW has won four in the past two years.  The Chemical Society of Washington is pleased to recognize Dr. Tanir’s outstanding contributions to CSW and the chemistry community by naming here as the 2015 recipient of the Charles L. Gordon Award.