Guest Lecturers Needed for Patent Examiner Technical Training Program

The Committee on Patents and Related Matters (CPRM) for the past four years has partnered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) to help the PTO train its examiners on various aspects of chemistry through the Patent Examiner Technical Training Program (PETTP).  The PTO is once again requesting voluntary assistance from technologists, scientists, engineers, and other experts from industry and academia to participate as guest lecturers and provide technical training and expertise to patent examiners regarding the state of the art.  The 60-90 minute talks will be a part of the PTO’s Technology Fair on May 28-29, 2019.

This is a great way for experts to “give back” to the community and improve the general quality of patents.  Junior faculty members can point to their participation in this effort as a community effort.  Guest lecturers provide relevant, historic and current technical knowledge, including industry practices/standards in technological areas of interest.  Guest lecturers must also have relevant technical knowledge and industry practices/standards in areas of technologies where such lectures would be beneficial.

In particular, the PTO is looking for speakers in these fields:

•           Adhesives

•           Additive manufacturing

•           EL (electroluminescence) Devices

•           Metallurgy

Guest lecturers have the option of presenting a lecture in-person or virtually from their own location. In-person presentations can be made at the PTO’s Alexandria, Virginia headquarters or at one of the PTO’s regional offices in Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI and San Jose, CA.  Training delivered at each location will be broadcast to patent examiners across the entire USPTO.

Please let Brandi Neifert at know if you and/or your colleagues will be able to participate in this valuable program.