CSW Announces Election Results – 2020 Term

Thanks to all the members who voted in the annual elections this year.  As you know, revised bylaws were presented on the ballot for approval, as well.  We appreciate the comments submitted with the election form.  The Bylaws passed and will soon be posted on the CSW website after final approval by ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws. 

Please know that the election is confidential so there is no way for us to follow up personally with any comments.  We addressed a few of the comments on the website as well as in the November newsletter.  The existing Bylaws were adopted in 2005 and changes were necessary to confirm to ACS standards and incorporate changes over the past 14 years.  Due to the extent of the changes, a redline version was not feasible.  Duties of the Officers and Managers are defined in the new Bylaws (Bylaw IV, Section 4). Duties of the Councilors are defined in ACS governing documents.

Based on the recent election, the current slate of officers, councilors and managers is provided below. 

CSW 2020 Officers, Councilors, and Managers

President: Darryl Boyd
President-elect: Jennifer Tanir
Immediate Past President: Christopher W. Avery
Secretary: William Hickling
Treasurer: Wesley Farrell         

2020 – 2022
Darryl Boyd
LaKesha N. Perry
Nevart Tahmazian

2020 – 2021
Allison Aldridge
Kim Morehouse
Bradley A. Scates

John Malin
Sara Orski
Judith Faye Rubinson


2020 – 2022
Joseph Antonucci
Christopher Avery
Jason Schaff

2020 – 2021
Daron Freedberg
Richard Goodman
Matthew A. Windsor

Novella N. Bridges
Monika I. Konaklieva
N. Bhushan Mandava


2020 – 2021
Regina Cody
Kristy Crews
Leila Duman
Felicia Fullilove
Xiaoyong Lu
Joan Walker

Joseph Duran
India James
Corina McClure
Bree Taylor
Emerald Wilson
Alexander G. Zestos