CSW Call for Volunteers: Collaboration with RESET to bring science experiments to pre-K through 6th Grade Students

CSW plans to collaborate with RESET, a local non-profit organization. RESET places volunteers in D.C., Virginia and Maryland pre-kindergarten centers and elementary school classrooms to lead students in hands-on science, technology and engineering and math experiments. RESET also offers a limited number of programs during evenings and weekends. RESET’s objective is to show children that science and math learning is exciting and to inform their future education and career choices. One of CSW’s goals for 2020 is to expand our outreach activities in our community. CSW volunteers will present chemistry demonstrations and information as well as establish partnerships with teachers to reinforce chemistry learning. We may identify teachers for the AACT and the Science Coach program. For more information about RESET, please visit www.resetonline.org

RESET will work with us to identify volunteer opportunities that reflect our preferences for school location, grade level, and scheduling. If you have interest in participating, please contact Allison Aldridge by email: [email protected]

We hope that you will consider joining this program to help ACS connect with the local community and to inspire the chemistry workforce of the future.