CSW 2024 Elections – Nominations Opening in May

The annual election of the Chemical Society of Washington will be held in October/November of 2024, in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Section.  Nominations for elections will open in May, with details to be provided both on the CSW website and in the May issue of the Capital Chemist.  This year, the following positions are up for election:

  • President-Elect (to serve as President in 2026)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • 3 Councilors (3-year terms)
  • 2 Alternate Councilors (3-year terms)
  • 6 Managers-at-Large (2-year terms)

All CSW members are eligible to run for office, although student members may only stand for election as Managers-at-Large.  Self-nominations are accepted.  CSW’s many activities and programs; educational and community outreach, professional networking events, Project SEED, and many others, all depend upon the efforts of active and dedicated Board members.  Please consider running for the Board if you want to help maintain these many worthy activities.  Or consider recruiting someone who you think would be a valuable addition to the CSW team.  Keep your eyes peeled for the opening of nominations in May!