REMINDER – CSW Election Voting Closes November 15th

If you are a full CSW member and have a valid email address on file with The American Chemical Society, then on or about October 11th you received an email with instructions for accessing the secure voting website and candidate statements, along with a unique vote ID code. The ballot was sent to the same email address at which you receive official communications from ACS. If your email account has strong spam filters, please “white list” and in order to ensure that you receive your voter ID code.  If you have no email address on file with ACS, or if the emailed ballot was returned as undeliverable, a paper ballot with voting instructions and candidate statements was mailed to the address on file with ACS. Candidate statements are posted on the CSW website. As in previous elections, voting will close at 11:59 p.m. on November 15.  Just click, read, and vote!

If you haven’t voted in prior CSW elections, please take this opportunity to do so, and help shape the future direction of CSW. If you have questions about the voting process, or if you do not receive a ballot by October 21, please contact us at 

CSW members are also being requested to approve the changes to the CSW Bylaws.  The current Bylaws were adopted in 2005 and the changes are necessary to conform to ACS standards and provide for changes over the last 14 years.  Due to the extent of the changes, a redline version is simply not feasible.  The duties of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Managers are defined in the Proposed Bylaws (Bylaw IV, Section 4).  The duties of Councilors, beyond their service as Managers, are defined in ACS governing documents.

CSW Current Bylaws
CSW Proposed Bylaws