CSW Bylaw Revisions: Please Review and Vote by November 15th!

The Chemical Society of Washington has drafted new bylaws for approval by the membership.  CSW’s current bylaws were adopted in 2005 and in the intervening 14 years much of its terminology and many of its provisions have either become outdated or have drifted out of harmony with expected practice for ACS Local Sections.  The proposed revised bylaws were drafted in consultation with the ACS Council Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, and have received approval from that committee for submission to the CSW membership for vote.  The CSW Board of Managers has also approved the new bylaws and recommends that CSW members vote in favor of their adoption.  A vote on the revised bylaws will be included with the ballot for election of Officers, Councilors, and Managers; an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the valid ballots cast will be required to adopt the revised bylaws.  The Chair of CSW’s Committee on Bylaws and Standing Rules will be present and available at the October 10 dinner meeting to answer questions about the revised bylaws.  Printed copies of the proposed bylaws revisions will be available for reference.

CSW’s current (2005) bylaws can be viewed here:

The revised bylaws to be voted upon can be viewed here