Carissa Hunters Reflects on ACS Leadership Institute

Carissa Hunter, Committee on Minority Affairs Co-chair, attended the ACS Leadership Institute in Atlanta, GA from January 26-28th. She represented our local section, where she was able to enhance her skills of being a leader. At the Institute, Carissa fostered new peer networks, learned more about the operations and structure of ACS, developed new leadership and management skills, and was able to identify new key support contacts. The sessions she attended brought about great ideas on motivating and engaging volunteers, grants our section should apply for and also ideas on types of events to best support our community and members. The experience was truly amazing and she hopes to instill what she has learned from the weekend into helping our local section.

Each local section presented a poster about the exciting things happening. Carissa was able to share about the ChemLuminary Award we won in 2023.